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Irene Theo
Irene Theo


Toronto. Canada


Irene Theo


Irene Theo - Dusty Chesterfield

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Irene Theo, a Canadian artist in her 20's, draws strong comparisons from the greatest classical female blues & soul legends such as Etta James, Dinah Washington, Dame Shirley Bassey and Amy Winehouse. Irene's shift to songwriting began after a few years as a published poet in her late teens and she is set to release her debut album in winter 2018, recorded by SynchAudio's producer/engineer Dusty Chesterfield!
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Irene Theo "Enigma"
Album: Irene Theo
Genres: DooWop, Neo Soul, NuRock, Soul
Moods: Conflicted, Confrontational, Disappointment, Emotional, Heartbreak, Impassioned, Lost Love, Soulful
Irene Theo "Don't Walk Away"
Album: Irene Theo
Genres: Adult Contemporary, Neo Soul, Soul
Moods: Angry, Clear Headed, Confrontational, Dramatic, Emotional, Heartbreak, Regret, Soulful, Sultry
Irene Theo "I Know"
Album: Irene Theo
Genres: NuRock, Rock, Soul
Moods: Aggressive, Agitated, Angry, Confident, Confrontational, Emotional, Heartbreak, Impassioned, Independent
Irene Theo "My Soldier"
Album: Irene
Genres: Neo Soul, Rock, Soul
Moods: Agitated, Conflicted, Confrontational, Dramatic, Emotional, Heartbreak, Regret
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