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Irene Theo
Irene Theo


Toronto. Canada


Irene Theo


Irene Theo - Dusty Chesterfield

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Irene Theo’s jazzy blend of R&B/pop is cool, collected, and deeply soulful. Theo’s swinging sultry vocals stand at the heart of her music, frequently earning her comparisons to legendary vocalists in the vein of Etta James, Dame Shirley Bassey, and Amy Winehouse. Theo’s delivery is attitude driven and carries an unapologetic confidence, while her tracks are edgy and alluring. It feels like she’s looking to prove someone wrong with every note she sings, and has a flawless track record. Irene released her debut EP in 2018 alongside producer Dusty Chesterfield, and has seen her music featured in the Fosters and Women and Sometimes Men.
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Irene Theo "Don't Walk Away"
Album: Irene Theo
Genres: Adult Contemporary, Neo Soul, Soul
Moods: Angry, Clear Headed, Confrontational, Dramatic, Emotional, Heartbreak, Regret, Soulful, Sultry
Irene Theo "I Know"
Album: Irene Theo
Genres: NuRock, Rock, Soul
Moods: Aggressive, Agitated, Angry, Confident, Confrontational, Emotional, Heartbreak, Impassioned, Independent
Irene Theo "My Soldier"
Album: Irene
Genres: Neo Soul, Rock, Soul
Moods: Agitated, Conflicted, Confrontational, Dramatic, Emotional, Heartbreak, Regret
Irene Theo "No Good"
Album: Irene
Genres: Neo Soul, Rock, Soul
Moods: Conflicted, Desire, Dramatic, Funky, Impassioned, Passionate, Soulful, Sultry
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