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Budapest, Hungary


Szoni (vocals), András (guitar), Norbert (guitar), Gergely (vocals, bass) and Marcell (drums).


Gyula L. Szabó
András Juhász
Norbert Fekete
Gergely Szabó

Szonja Fere

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Out of Budapest, Skeemers’ frenetic surf-rock puts a grungy spin on bright beach tunes. The band undoubtedly does justice to its surf predecessors, with vibrant upbeat melodies, nimble guitar hooks, and shimmering vocal harmonies. However, their take on the beach genre is just a little less sunny so to speak, with a bit of sludge instead of sand. It sounds something like if the Ventures invited the Ramones to jam at their beach picnic. The 5-piece has played all across Hungary, and has quickly risen out of Budapest’s underground scene to reach audiences all around the globe.
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Skeemers "Another Planet"
Genres: Alternative Rock, Surf Rock
Moods: Adventure, Energetic, Escape, Excited, Happy, Hopeful, Life, Love, Upbeat
Skeemers "Abandoned Child"
Genres: Alternative Rock, Surf Rock
Moods: Acceptance, Angst, Independence, Lessons, Life, lonely, Wisdom, Worry
Skeemers "Friendzone"
Genres: Alternative Rock, Surf Rock
Moods: Acceptance, Agitated, Confused, Danceable, Energetic, Friendship, Regret, Secret Love, Upbeat
Skeemers "The Band"
Genres: alternative, Alternative Rock, Surf Rock
Moods: Appreciation, Driving, Energetic, Feel Good, Fulfilled, Happy, Love, Relationship, Trust, Upbeat
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