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SYNCHAUDIO'S 2018 YEAR IN REVIEW  Doesn’t the year always feel like it flies by in retrospect? As January 1st approaches, it’s easy enough to run with 2018’s accomplishments and let the rest remain a blur of activity. However, at SynchAudio we like to use the New Year as an opportunity for reflection. Our team has been hard at work through 2018, expanding our presence as an innovator in sync and artist representation globally. Track by track, we’ve watched our catalogue develop and diversify. We’ve added captivating new artists from Australia, Hungary, and Germany, while continuing to receive high ... [ more ]

GMS 9th Annual AwardsSynchAudio is honored to announce our sponsorship of the Guild of Music Supervisors’ 9th Annual GMS Awards. Taking place at The Theatre at Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, the event gathers some of the film industry’s most prestigious names to celebrate the craft of music supervision. On February 13th the Guild of Music Supervisors’ 9th annual GMS Awards took place in Los Angeles, spotlighting the year’s greatest achievements in music supervision. The Guild of Music Supervisors have spent the last decade fostering a strong community around music supervision, and the GMS Awards ... [ more ]

Midem Sync & Brands 2018 - Cannes FranceWednesday January 3, 2018 _________________________________________________________________   SynchAudio is thrilled to announce its renewed partnership with Midem, the leading international music business event in Cannes, as we return to present: “Sync and Brands Day” on June 6, 2018.    A true titan in the world of music conferencing, Midem gathers the music business’s most insightful figures in Cannes, France for an extravagant four days of sharing, discovering, and networking. The sun shines bright in Cannes, but the innovative minds in attendance shine brighter, ... [ more ]

Sync & Brands Day at Midem 2017  Midem is the premiere international music conference, held annually along France’s extravagant southern coast in Cannes. Global music leaders hold panel discussions for attendees, and budding artists turn the French Riviera’s sun soaked beaches into their personal stage. While Midem is always at the forefront of the music industry’s trends, a hot topic this year was music’s synchronization in film, television, and advertising.   As a driving force in the sync landscape, SynchAudio was excited to partner with Midem to present its Sync and Brands Day. In an afternoon ... [ more ]

Creative Minds Gather At MIDEM 2017  Every year Midem gathers the music business's brightest minds in Cannes to share industry insights, network, and celebrate their respective crafts. Recently wrapping up its 50th year, the event has established itself as an institution in the music community internationally. Through its host of engaging panels, lavish mixers and beachfront concerts along the French Riviera, this year's deliberations did not disappoint. Here are some of SynchAudio's highlights from Midem 2017: _________________________________________________________________ ... [ more ]

Sync & Brands Day - MidemSynchAudio Powers Up Fourth Annual Sync & Brands Day in Partnership with Midem Toronto - December 10, 2016 _________________________________________________________________   Toronto-based sync agency SynchAudio Inc. is proud to announce that it has entered into   a partnership with Midem, the world's leading music market, to produce its inaugural   Sync & Brands Day for Midem 2017.   Short Info on the Sync & Brands Day Program The Midem Sync & Brands Day will take place on Wednesday June 7th, 2017, at the Ca$h Factory in the Palais de ... [ more ]

"A Music Creator's Sync Workshop" with Music Supervisor Mary RamosSaturday January 14, 2017__________________________________________________________ SynchAudio hosted an exclusive group of artists and music professionals at Toronto Ritz Carlton Hotel, for an afternoon that was as enlightening as it was elegant. Guests were treated to a workshop which was organized and moderated by SynchAudio founder and creative director, Farinoush Mostaghimi with award winning music supervisor Mary Ramos, as she shared her insights into getting music recognized for film, television, and advertising. Mary held an open discussion with artists, ... [ more ]

SynchAudio Presents:→ A Music Creator's Workshop: JANUARY 14, 2017 at Tornto Ritz Carlton → SynchAudio Unplugged: JANUARY 15, 2017 at The Rivoli _________________________________________________________________ “Intensive Synch Workshop for Music Creators” For Film, TV & Advertising with renowned Music Supervisor Mary Ramos About the event: SPEAKER: Mary Ramos, Music Supervisor of Quentin Tarantino, Saturday Music   MODERATOR: Farinoush Mostaghimi, SynchAudio   DATE: January 14, 2017   TIME: 11 AM - 5 ... [ more ]

SYNCHAUDIO 2016 YEAR END ROUND UP_________________________________________________________________   MAY YOU LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES An English expression that is purported to have been appropriated from an old Chinese curse wishes the receiver: “May you live in interesting times.” Whatever the source, no year in recent memory may be more deserving of adopting this expression as its theme than 2016. And as this year’s narrative approaches its denouement, the dramas of sadness, excitement, possibility and conflict continue to unfold, ... [ more ]

Reeperbahn Festival and Conference 2016  SYNCHAUDIO PRESENTS MUSIC SUPERVISOR NORA FELDER ________________________________________________________________________   SynchAudio has announced it will be returning to Hamburg, Germany to attend the Reeperbahn Festival and Conference 2016. “We are excited to be attending Reeperbahn for our third year in a row. It has become one of SynchAudio’s priority annual business events and we love participating,” says CEO, Farinoush Mostaghimi. Reeperbahn will be held September 21st to 24th. The Reeperbahn Festival will present more than 700 events spanning a range of ... [ more ]