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5/18/2015 SynchAudio Climbs To The Summit @ CMW


Canadian Music Week 2015 took place from May 1st - 10th and between panels, showcases and

events it was a series of high notes. One of the stand out events of the festival was the

SynchAudio SyncSummit. SynchAudio, a Toronto-based boutique media management &

licensing company focusing on multi-media initiatives, was proud to be the primary sponsor

of Canadian Music Week's 2015 SYNC SUMMIT.

For SynchAudio founder Farinoush Mostaghimi, though it was the inaugural SynchAudio Sync

Summit, this was her 6th time participating at CMW. “This year was a very productive year,”

she noted, explaining that her focus was solely on the Sync Summit and licensing, since that’s

what her company is all about. “It was a great time for business networking and we created

more possibilities for artists to sit directly with professionals.”

THE SUMMIT took place on Saturday, May 9th from 3:15pm to 5:45pm at CMW’s conference

headquarters in The Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. The event was a sold out success, as indie

artists, managers, publishers and label reps all came to swim with the big fish of music

supervision. 28 top music supervisors joined 150 industry hopefuls eager to "SYNC! " their

teeth into the business of licensing their music.

MUSIC SUPERVISOR Jonathan McHugh of Song Stew, voiced his belief that sessions like the

Sync Summit are “productive” and a great way to meet people. McHugh was equally

impressed with the Canadian government’s support of the event.

The chance to network with fellow supervisors from Canada was an opportunity for The

Guild of Music Supervisors TO CREATE A CROSS-BORDER ALLIANCE. Led by McHugh,

the music supervisors in attendance included: Joel C. High (Tyler

Perry movies), Lindsay Wolfington (Ghost Whisperer, One Tree Hill) and Tracy McKnight

(The Hunger Games: Catching Fire).

While a Sync Summit can be highly productive for industry professionals, it’s especially

beneficial for indie artists. It presents an opportunity to make a buck off of their craft

by breaking into sync for TV, film, advertising, and video games. As the laces on

expense budgets are tightened up, supervisors are forced to dig deeper and unearth

undiscovered talent for their projects. Events like the CMW SynchAudio Sync Summit

merge music supervisors and talent creators, seamlessly. They also introduce talent

and labels to the benefits of partnering with companies like SynchAudio, who tirelessly

pursue licensing on behalf of their roster of artists. This Sync Summit took on an

organized “speed dating” format. During a series of timed rounds, music supervisors

hopped from table to table, dropping nuggets of advice for each group to follow.

Overall, Farinoush was happy about the response the Sync Summit received. She noted

the number of participants that were able to benefit from engaging with professional

music supervisors, and recognized this event as an “amazing opportunity” for

SynchAudio to get to know local and international music supervisors.


SynchAudio is a Toronto boutique music placement company that provides one-stop, full

service licensing representation for the use of music and media in all screen based storytelling

platforms. Follow @SynchAudio for more great music industry news or log on to

synchaudio.com to preview our extensive catalogue.

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