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5/21/2015 No Rest For The Music Week



The well-oiled cogs of CMW2015 turned out a full rotation of panels, showcases, mentorship and

networking opportunities, as well as a keynote speech by Spike Lee. While Canadian Music

Week has cemented a valuable place on the music industry’s calendar, SynchAudio recaps

the highlights of this year’s festival.

There was something for everyone at Canadian Music Week 2015. For indie artists, there were

multiple opportunities to meet with industry professionals (such as the Sync Summit), industry

professionals were presented chances to network and cut deals among themselves at events

like The International Marketplace, while anyone else interested in the music business could

attend educational sessions on self-marketing, booking tours and getting radio airplay.

Panels ran from approximately 9am until 5pm and were generally divided into three topics:

Music (touring and licensing), Radio, and Digital Media. Some of the more memorable digital

media panels included an opening keynote with Brian Solis titled “It’s Time to Move on to

Social Media 2.0.” Solis addressed the importance of digital media in executing a marketing


We were also entertained by Tatiana Simonian, a vibrant and engaging speaker who presented

“Bands and Brands, Big Data means Big Opportunities”. Tatiana shared intriguing stats from

Nielson Entertainment, and demonstrated that artists ought to be capitalizing on the fact that

brands are activating specifically around their profiles and their music. With significant returns

to be made for bands and brands alike, independent artists must seek to empower themselves

using digital media marketing strategies and cooperate with like minded brands.

Live music and touring was another big component this year, featuring aptly titled panels like

“How to Get Booked For a Festival Even If Nobody Knows Who You Are”. These panels were

led by booking agencies and festival organizers from all over the world, and offered a great

opportunity for local bands to get their music into the hands of those responsible for securing

a spot on major shows.

On the radio side, one of the most entertaining sessions was the "Juke Box Jury". Radio

professionals sat on the “jury” and judged new music pitches from labels. After listening,

they offered critiques on why the music fit into radio format, and in some cases why it didn’t.

Finally, the jury was opened to the audience, who were allowed to pitch their music for

feedback. “Juke Box Jury” was a must for any artist looking to get their music on the radio.

On the topic of getting your music into commercials, “The Power of Music in Advertising”, led

by Heather Adamo was informative and included a multimedia presentation. Attendees were

treated to some cutting edge examples from the panelists’ own portfolios, demonstrating

music they had placed in TV spots.

During the Sync Summit, 28 top music supervisors were invited to directly inform and

educate participants from the wider CMW event. Indie artists, managers and label reps all

came to swim with the big fish of music supervision, and according to SynchAudio founder

Farinoush Mostaghimi, “It was a great time for business networking and we created more

possibilities for artists to sit directly with professionals.” You can check out the full review of

the Sync Summit online here.

There were other opportunities for patrons to create meetings with the pros, including The

Mentor’s Cafe (hosted by Gary Taylor, Benom Plumb, Catherine Moore and Bob Breen), which

allowed attendees to get up close and personal for a one-on-one meeting. The Mentor’s Cafe

offered invaluable advice, as eager minds met with mentors from various sectors of the music


It would have been remiss, of course, for a festival of this stature to not feature live music.

As far as life performances go, CMW2015 was again a mega hit. One night we attended the

Gigsalad and CD Baby party on site, featuring husband and wife duo Azalea, but CMW2015

could not be contained to the Sheraton Hotel. The festival exploded across downtown

Toronto with hundreds of showcases all over the city. We caught as many as we could,

including jazz act Vito Rezza (certainly one of the top jazz percussionists in the world) in

the elegantly casual atmosphere of the Jazz Bistro.

The country spotlight was on Australia this year, and we were exposed to two new Australian

groups at Burdock bar. The first was Hein Cooper, a tall, blonde singer/songwriter with strong

lyrics and heartwrenching vocals. Hein Cooper played guitar as a solo-act, but boosted his set

with a loop pedal and a second mic for vocal effects. Cooper proved that one man and a guitar

no longer needs to be a quiet acoustic set, while the audience soaked up surefire hits like “The

Art Of Escape”.

Closing out the show was an Australian indie electronic group from Byron Bay called TORA. They

came out hopping and bopping, and played a fully energetic set with two keyboards, two

guitars, a bass, and drums. The lead singer played not only keys and guitar, but he also

commanded an electronic unit to throw effects onto his voice and control loops. Their quirkiness

set the tone for the night at Burdock.

Canadians held their own in other showcases across the city, and early on the Montreal act

Made Them Lions performed at a cool vintage spot, the Handlebar. Made Them Lions

stretched their instruments in a brief warm up, and then literally dove right into their


CMW brought out big name mainstream artists like Colbie Caillat, Magic!, Death Cab For Cutie

and Of Monsters And Men, as well as multiple awards shows, including the 15th Annual Indies

presented by Sirius XM.

Running from May 1st to 10th, Canadian Music Week has evolved into a ten day festival that

touches every corner of downtown Toronto. After years of operation, it runs like a well-oiled

machine, and isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. With a fully packed schedule of panels and

networking on the inside, and hundreds of live performances on the outside, it's easy to see

why there is no rest for Canadian Music Week!

SynchAudio is pleased to give thanks to Neill Dixon, Danya Dixon, Kathy Hahn, Gary Taylor,

CMPA [ Canadian Music Publishers Association ], FACTOR [ The Foundation Assisting Canadian

Talent On Recordings ], DFATD [Foreign Affairs, Trade & Development Canada] and OMDC

[The Ontario Media Development Corporation]. The organizations who are essential partners

within the underlying foundation of Canadian Music Week & the CMW - SynchAudio Sync



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