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6/13/2015 Sync Secrets Of Midem 2015


The Midem Conference in Cannes, France recently concluded, after four days of music industry

networking, live showcases, and artist support. One of the buzz words penetrating the event

this year was “Synchronization”.

Music licensing — or synchronization — is the art and business of placing songs in advertising,

films, TV shows, or video games. It’s the primary focus for a company like SynchAudio,

Toronto-based boutique media management & licensing company. SynchAudio founder

Farinoush Mostaghimi was named a “Top Influencer” at Midem by TheMediaShaker and

Ekimetrics. She and her team followed an informative series of panels on sync throughout

Midem this year. These panels featured music professionals including: Martin Hewett (music

licensing manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Ltd), Dan Burt (music supervisor/

producer at J Walter Thompson), Joe Belliotti (head of global entertainment at Coca Cola)

and Alexandre Mahout (head of music and publishing at EuropaCorp).

We also followed a series of sync sessions powered by Reverbnation. The sync sessions

provided a unique opportunity for artists to play their tracks in front of influential music

supervisors from global advertising agencies, video game publishers, and TV networks

looking for music to place in their projects.

The sync session opportunities included:

Grey Advertising Agency - sync session with LONGHORN STEAKHOUSE. Artists could

win a chance to get their music considered for a national advertising campaign for Longhorn


Riptide music group - sync session with Ann Kline (music supervisor for “SHAMELESS”).

Artists could win a chance to have their music featured in Showtimes' “Shameless.”


• Grey advertising agency sync session with Folgers - Artists could win a chance to have

their track used in advertising for Folgers’ coffee brand.


Using the information our team gathered at this year's panels, SynchAudio compiles our Top

10 #Synctips of Midem 2015:

1. Be ‘stat driven’ and tell your story. Tell the company you're pitching to why you love their

brand, why your music is a perfect fit, and show them any ‘big data’ you have to prove it.

2. Make sure your social media sites are current. It’s frustrating when supervisors are trying

to discover an artist and their email address isn’t even up to date!

3. Follow up, follow up, follow up. Keep the relationship you’re forming going even if there

isn’t a specific deal on the table today. There could be a deal tomorrow and you want to be

first in their mind.

4. If your music really kicks in at the two-minute mark, but may be slow to start – label it

that way so supervisors can skip right to the good stuff.

5. More is not merrier. Don’t send your entire playlist to a supervisor. Send a maximum of

three songs that suit the atmosphere of the brief.

6. Metadata MUST go in your track, as well as your email address and how to track you


7. Prep before you pitch. Have your details on splits, masters, and ownership all laid out so

the road to sync will be smooth if your song is chosen.

8. Pairing up with emerging directors can further both your careers. It’s what has worked for

a number of successful music supervisors today.


9. Find a sync company that will proactively represent you and seek out opportunities on your

behalf – it could be to your benefit to have a company fighting for you.

10. Finally, when you do secure a placement, don’t just collect the sync fee. You also have to

maximize and leverage your sync by telling your social network, and continuing to sell yourself

to supervisors.

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SynchAudio is a Toronto boutique music placement company that provides one-stop, full

service licensing representation for the use of music and media in all screen based storytelling

platforms. Follow @SynchAudio for more great music industry news or log on to

synchaudio.com to preview our extensive catalogue.

To submit your music for licensing consideration:

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