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Midem (Cannes, France)

Pepsi recently presented “The Music Business 3.0” with L.A. Reid and Frank Cooper III. Here are

9 marketing and engagement tips these two legends have to offer upcoming artists who want to

be ‘EPIC’.

Midem is a music industry conference in Cannes, France. The trade show is billed as the leading

international business event for the music ecosystem, and in addition to live music showcases,

exhibitor booths, and displays of new technology, there are a number of panels discussing every

area of the business. One of the standout panels was “The Music Business 3.0”, a Pepsi and

Vivendi sponsored breakfast where the audience was treated to a viewing from the finalists of

Midem's Artist Accelerator, followed by an inspiring talk with music legends L.A. Reid and Frank

Cooper III. SynchAudio interviewed Reid and Cooper III on what advice they could give young

artists, and during the talk they both provided epic music marketing tips.

Frank Cooper III is a branded entertainment leader, CMO of PepsiCo, and has led some of the

most innovative and refreshing brand activation strategies in recent years. Here’s what he had

to say:

1. Music connects to culture: “Technology is evolving, music is evolving, but culture is also

evolving. You have to evolve with it.”

2. Music and brands go hand in hand: “Music is about emotion and experience. Good brands

are about emotion and experience.”

3. On artist advice from Snoop Dogg that he’ll never forget: “It’s the logic of sharing the

stage and bringing people there with you that is powerful.”

4. On technology enhancing artist-fan communication: “The period that we’re in is such an

amazing time to talk to people directly. Never before could you do it at this scale.

SynchAudio also interviewed L.A.Reid, the founder of EPIC records:

5. Know what your ‘brand’ is: “If an artist is generic, it’s hard for a brand to align with them.

The artist must know who they are and what they are about.”

6. On technology being at the forefront of your success: “There are more opportunities today

to break an artist than ever before.”

7. Focus on engagement, not numbers: “What’s more important than your numbers is how you

engage with your followers and keep them activated.”

8. Listen and respond to your fans: “When you have a real relationship with your fans, it’s a

two-way relationship.”

9. The best piece of advice he could offer emerging artists: “Don't drink your own Koolaid...

Be honest with yourself about whether the material you’re creating is good enough...focus on

emulating greatness until you yourself are truly great."


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