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6/13/2015 Top Midem Technology Picks by SynchAudio


Midem is a large and long standing music industry conference hosted in Cannes, France. Now in

its 49th year, it features exhibitors from record labels, rights representation companies and 4

days full of tightly scheduled panels covering hot topics such as music marketing,

synchronization and technology. SynchAudio, a Toronto based boutique media management &

licensing company focusing on Multi-Media Initiatives, was one company that used technology

to its advantage. Thanks to thriving social media outreach, SynchAudio Founder Farinoush

Mostaghimi was named a ‘Top Participant’ as well as a ‘Top Influencer’ throughout Midem.

SynchAudio’s success with social technology can be mirrored in numerous other companies

who showcased everything from new apps to vintage vinyl production.

With spaces such as The Discovery Zone, Innovation Factory, Midem Hack Day and MidemLab,

technology proved to be an important player within the Midem ecosystem. Here are

SynchAudio’s Top Technology picks from Midem:

1. AudioShot: a music sharing app by Shaun Newsum and his team that was featured in the

Midem Discovery Lab. Midem marked the official launch of this mobile music sharing application.

AudioShot allows users to seamless share songs from their favourite players (like iTunes or

spotify) via messaging systems (think whatsapp, facebook messaging). The app uses your

listening history on your preferred music players to know which system to load your new

music share into – and voilà. When you receive your new song it doesn’t disappear in your

downloads or drop off your desktop – it comes to you in the format your listening history

says you like, removing any song transference friction between users. AudioShot creators

presented their technology in the “Innovation Factory” a space dedicated to bright ideas,

and they were a finalist in the MidemLab Startup Competition sponsored by Pepsi & Vivendi.

2. Peer Tracks: This technology will empower artists to generate real income (without

middlemen taking major cuts) directly from their fans. Basically, an artist can create

their own digital currency that fans can spend on their music and merchandise. It’s

like BitCoin, but for the music marketplace. The currency Peer Tracks users are

spending is called BitUSD, a crypto-currency tied to the US dollar. Cédric Cobban,

Founder and President of Peer Tracks, explains how it works: “Peer Tracks is a music

streaming/retail website that plugs into the BitShares Music blockchain. It’s a user

friendly front end aimed at the masses, allowing them to benefit from all the

advantages crypto brings without the need to understand or even know what a

blockchain is.”

3. Music on Vinyl: Music on Vinyl is a cool company who do just as their name suggests: they

manufacture Vinyl records. The same way the cassette was shunned for the mp3, more and

more artists are gravitating towards the physicality and originality of a vinyl record. While

this does not represent a new technology, it does demonstrate a resurgence and

repackaging of an old technology for a new generation, which is very refreshing.

4. Mash Machines: The concept for Mash Machines is similar to an old instrument called a

“theramin”. The Theramin was invented by Leon Theremen, and it is a digital box with two

antenna, one that controls pitch and the next volume. Very simply put, when the theraminist

moves his hands in front of the antenna, notes are played because of the disturbance the

hands make to the antenna. Mash Machines presents this concept in an innovative and fun

way. A standing square “turntable” with a reactive board in the centre and brightly coloured

blocks around the border allow anyone (with no production ability whatsoever) to spin tunes

by placing blocks one by one on the board and moving them around. Each block represents

drums, guitars or vocals.Mash Machines was certainly a crowd favourite at Midem, as the

boards were always bustling with patrons dancing to the sound of their own music.

5. Phantom: On the last day of Midem, SynchAudio was treated to a demonstration of the

Phantom speakers by Devialet. Not only are they aesthetic, a crisp white globe with silver

sides, but they are quite small considering they give you the audio quality and volume of

a major speaker system. The Phantom can be carried in one hand and settled in any

obscure location in your home – though they are so attractive you will want them to be

noticed. No need to lug large ugly rectangular speakers around when you want to have a

proper party – the Phantom is like a tiny but powerful cloud of surround sound that

promises it’s "the best sound system in the world."


SynchAudio is a Toronto boutique music placement company that provides one-stop, full

service licensing representation for the use of music and media in all screen based storytelling

platforms. Follow @SynchAudio for more great music industry news or log on to

synchaudio.com to preview our extensive catalogue.

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