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10/12/2015 The London Sync Sessions


London Calling: Sync Sessions Coming October 19th-21st, 2015

London Sync Sessions will be hosted from Metropolis Studios. Metropolis is home to some of the

best mastering engineers in the world, offering full artist and studio services. Industry creatives

attending the sessions held at Metropolis are surely in for a treat when they catch a glimpse of

their distinguished surroundings. The 3-day event will be headlined by a list of over 30 of the

sync industry’s contemporary leaders, with pivotal discussions between attendees and their

peers, as well as partnerships between global companies including: SynchAudio, Shazam,

Music Week, Media Partner, and MIDEM.

One panel in the spotlight includes “The Art of Music Supervision in Indie”, presented by

SynchAudio in conjunction with award-winning music supervisor Nora Felder (Picture Music

Company). We are pleased to include three music supervisors leading the session: Matt Block

of Flavorlab (film and TV audio post-production, as well as music sourcing and supervision),

David Weiss of The SongHunters (a service for media professionals created by top music

supervisors), and music supervisor Lindsay Bea Davis of VICE Media (proponents of global

oriented investigative journalism and award winning documentaries). These supervisors will

speak about the latest placements they've made with indie artists. They will cover topics

including how they accept music, how they score it to just the right project, metadata

structuring, and the best way to secure a placement.

Additionally, SynchAudio will be presenting the next “Sync Songwriter Workshop”, alongside

The SongHunters, FlavorLab, and Vice Media. The "Sync Songwriter Workshop" is limited to

10 attendees, and provides the unique opportunity for participants to play their material for

the panel of music supervisors. It’s recommended for interested artists, publishers, and

record label executives to apply early to secure their spot. This session will again feature

Lindsay-Bea Davis, Matt Block, and David Weiss as they provide production tips, as well

as insightful feedback on whether the recorded material would find a place in TV, film, or

video sync. In addition, they’ll inform the group on how to maximize their chance of

receiving a placement. The session will be held on Tuesday October 20th, 2015, from

10:30am-1:30pm, also at Metropolis Studios.

Farinoush Mostaghimi of SynchAudio joins the queue of publishers, record labels, film and

TV producers, sync consultants and supervisors, all providing their unique perspectives,

stimulating debate on current issues facing today’s industry. Panelists will speak directly

to the needs of patrons by offering constructive advice. London Sync Sessions promises

to be the European sync event of the year, and it is only fitting that SynchAudio, a Toronto

based boutique media management & licensing company, is on board as one of the major

associated brands. After a successful MIDEM 2015 in Cannes, where SynchAudio Founder

Farinoush Mostaghimi was named a ‘Top Influencer,’ her company was given one of the

coveted high spots for social media participation. The relatively young synchronization

and artist management business has quickly cemented its place in the music industry.

For managers, producers, artists, and composers, the London Sync Sessions looks to be

a great opportunity for career growth and industry networking. However, music

professionals are advised that these sessions will admit only 200 guests. Held in the

intimate setting of a professional recording studio, participants are strongly urged to

book their session tickets and arrive punctually to ensure a seat.

When the networking and lecturing day is done, there will be live music showcases from

emerging UK and European talent such as: Of Empires, The Beach, and John Fairhurst.

London Sync Sessions panels will be providing a diverse, but in-depth, view of the

business of synchronization. If you’re in the music industry, the London Sync Sessions

are calling.

By SynchAudio inc. Editorial

October 12, 2015


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