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5/19/2016 MIDEM 50th


SynchAudio Joins with MIDEM to Present Award Winning Music Supervisor

Mary Ramos as Keynote Speaker!


June 2016 is a major milestone date for MIDEM, as it celebrates its 50th anniversary as the

premier international music business trade show and conference held annually in Cannes,

France. It will also be the third consecutive year that Canada’s SynchAudio will have a high

profile presence at MIDEM. SynchAudio and its CEO Farinoush Mostaghimi have been

joining members of the international music industry as they gather on the shore of the

Mediterranean to participate at MIDEM. Each year SynchAudio has increased its presence,

culminating in 2015 with Ms. Mostaghimi being recognized by media analysts The Media

Shaker and Ekimetrics as the second “Top MIDEM Influencer” of the five leading

participants at MIDEM. For MIDEM 2016, SynchAudio ups its game again by joining with

MIDEM in presenting award-winning Hollywood music supervisor, MARY RAMOS as a

Keynote Speaker.


Since 1969 MIDEM has been holding music business court on the French Riviera also

known as the Côte d'Azur, for the international music business. MIDEM, which

celebrates its 50th anniversary in June 2016, has at once been both witness and

participant in the evolution, disruptions and advancements that have impacted the

global music industry. In fact it has been at the centre where many of those

advancements and music trends have been spawned.

It was at MIDEM in the late 1970’s where disco music shot to the rest of the world when

the movie Saturday Night Fever was premiered and projected over the Mediterranean to

the attending international music contingent. For the next few years only music with a beat

of 120 beats per minute would be heard at midem. It was also around the same time that

the first Sony Walkman became the tool for doing business at MIDEM. An audio cassette

and headphones ruled. No longer did attendees have to carry bags or cases carrying vinyl

discs. Things were changing, and even more so when CD’s were introduced to the world,

but always first to the broader industry from the floor of the Palais des Festival.

Now at age 50, MIDEM has witnessed how digital has changed everything and how big data

and algorithms are ruling the value chain, often more than the actual art of the music. And

while music is being consumed more than ever before, the struggle continues for more

equitable and efficient economic models that, like the Blockchain concept, might provide

creators of music more of a reason to create and even survive. MIDEM continues to provide

the forum for discussing and exploring solutions to the many challenges that are confronting

the industry. MIDEM at 50 might say simply that: “We are all in this together and the

challenges we are facing are owned by all of us.”


Appearing at MIDEM for the first time will be award winning music supervisor Mary Ramos,

one of the most influential and experienced music supervisors in the motion picture business.

Ms. Ramos will appear as the keynote speaker in an interview setting on:

—> Saturday, June 4th - Keynote Interview - Main Room (Riviera 7)

Ms Ramos will be interviewed by Music Week Magazine’s Emmanuel Legrand.

—> Sunday, June 5th - Global Sync & Brands Summit – Meeting Room 1

Mary Ramos is an award-winning music supervisor who has been working her craft

of curating and creating music for screen based media for over twenty years. Among

over a hundred movies, television shows and advertising commercials, she is especially

renowned for her close collaboration with film director Quentin Tarantino, having worked

on all his 8 films including Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, Inglourious Basterds, Django

Unchained, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2, and most currently The Hateful Eight. In

2015 she was also acclaimed for her work with director Tom McCarthy on his Academy

Award winning film Spotlight.

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