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1/15/2017 SynchAudio Presents:

→ A Music Creator's Workshop: JANUARY 14, 2017 at Tornto Ritz Carlton

→ SynchAudio Unplugged: JANUARY 15, 2017 at The Rivoli


“Intensive Synch Workshop for Music Creators”

For Film, TV & Advertising with renowned Music Supervisor Mary Ramos

About the event:

SPEAKER: Mary Ramos, Music Supervisor of Quentin Tarantino, Saturday Music

MODERATOR: Farinoush Mostaghimi, SynchAudio

DATE: January 14, 2017

TIME: 11 AM - 5 PM

PARTICIPANTS: SynchAudio clients and invited guests.

FOR RSVP EMAIL: Media@synchaudio.com

The day includes a one-on-one panel discussion with music supervisor guest Mary Ramos. This

will be an intensive study of music synchronization for film, tv, and ads, exclusively for

SynchAudio artists and guests. Normally, sync panel discussions are only an hour long, and you

don’t have this kind of time or access to information. SynchAudio arranged this to be a full day

with a renowned music supervisor, devoted to getting your sync questions addressed.

We’ll look at the types of briefs that are sent out for projects including TV shows, ads, and

trailers, to get familiar with what music supervisors tend to look for – and identify the major

trends in syncs to make sure you have what they can use. Also, the last hour of the day will be

devoted to artists who wish to receive individual critiques/suggestions for streamlining success

in syncability, with artists submitting one or two recordings to play.



Artists wishing to participate should submit a streaming link of their music:

Email to: demo@synchaudio.com

Email Subject: A Music Creator's Workshop - music


Agenda for January 14

  • • Check in & Reception (11:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

  • • Welcome & Introduction Mary Ramos (30 minutes) 12:00 to 12:30

  • • Intimate & Interactive One-on-One with Mary Ramos ( 2 hrs - 2:45) – going over various

  • briefs, showing the clip with 5 different song choices, talking about composers and showing

  • clips.

  • • Listening and critiques music - giving suggestions for syncability, also talks about upcoming

  • briefs needed: ( 1 hour and 30 ).

Please join us Sunday, January 15 at 7 PM at The Rivoli, Toronto!

January 5, 2017 SynchAudio inc.


SynchAudio is a Toronto boutique music placement company that provides one-stop, full

service licensing representation for the use of music and media in all screen based storytelling

platforms. Follow @SynchAudio for more great music industry news or log on to

synchaudio.com to preview our extensive catalogue.

To submit your music for licensing consideration:

Press inquiries: