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Doesn’t the year always feel like it flies by in retrospect? As January 1st

approaches, it’s easy enough to run with 2018’s accomplishments and let

the rest remain a blur of activity. However, at SynchAudio we like to use

the New Year as an opportunity for reflection. Our team has been hard at

work through 2018, expanding our presence as an innovator in sync and

artist representation globally. Track by track, we’ve watched our catalogue

develop and diversify. We’ve added captivating new artists from Australia,

Hungary, and Germany, while continuing to receive high profile music

placements on an international scale. 2018’s achievements haven’t come

without their share of late nights and long hours, but the artists we’ve

watched emerge have made it well worth the effort. Still, as we review

the past year, we understand that reflection is as much about embracing

the past as it is preparing for what’s to come.


Even in a fast-growing industry, that seemingly reinvents itself by the day,

there are certainly moments that feel like slow motion. It’s easy enough to

get lost in the endless stream of music at our fingertips, or the maze of

technology now available to help make it all accessible. Yet that same

complexity is part of what excites our team about the future. There are

fewer rules in today’s music industry, while there’s ample room for

experimentation to foster the current generation of creators. For a

company like SynchAudio, that prides itself on being artist-first, this is

music to our ears. We have the freedom to accommodate an artist’s

distinct strengths and needs more now than ever. As the music

business continues to re-shape itself, there’s an opportunity to build

an industry that is more sustainable for creators. At SynchAudio we

feel it is in everyone’s best interest to take that opportunity. Heading

into 2019, SynchAudio is proud to have the Artist at the core of our

past, present, and future.

It might not be a coincidence that time seems to move just a bit

quicker with each year of growth in the music business. Time flies by

when you’re having fun after all. As we look back at the host of

television and film placements, new music releases, and additions to

the SynchAudio family over 2018, we feel incredibly fortunate to have

spent our days catering to artists that continue to inspire us. We’d like

to thank all of the music supervisors that have listened to our catalogue,

placed our music, and helped support our roster over the past year. The

progress SynchAudio has made throughout 2018 would not be possible

without the incredible team of creators that we get to work with on a

daily basis. We can only look forward to our continued growth together

into the New Year.


Feb. 27 – PoemaForget you in LA” – placed in The Fosters (S. 5 E.16)

Mar. 11 – Irene TheoMake Me Cry” – placed in The Royals (S. 4 E.01)

Mar. 13 – PoemaGo Away” – placed in The Fosters (S. 5 E.18)

Jun. 30 – Irene TheoMake Me Cry” – featured on CBC 99.1 Big City, Small World

Jul. 25 – Debbie ReiferThe Ruin” – placed in Sideswiped (S.1 E.02)

Jul. 25 – Irene TheoEnigma” – placed in Sideswiped end credits (S.1 E.04)

Jul. 25 – Irene TheoEnigma” – placed in Sideswiped (S.1 E.06)

Jul. 27 – Alice OsianNervous” – placed in Daddy Issues opening theme (S.1 E.01)

Jul. 27 – SkeemersOn My Own” – placed in Daddy Issues end credits (S.1 E.01)

Aug. 6 – Debbie ReiferWe Are Love” – placed in BTMI Europe Ad Campaign

Nov. 18 – Middlemist RedMulticoloured Drive” – placed in Aranyélet (S.3 E.06)

Nov. 18 – Middlemist RedEvermore” – placed in Ray Donovan (S.6 E.04)

Dec. 2 – Tony CrownKilling Machine” – placed in Supergirl (S.4 E.08)

Dec. 7 – SynchAudio designs Baron Blackout's theme for Henchmen
(produced by Dusty Emer ft. Antonio La Selva)

Dec. 9 – DL RossiFade Away” – placed in Ray Donovan (S.6 E.07)

Dec. 16 – SkeemersI Don’t Mind” – placed in Ray Donovan (S.6 E.08)




January 5thRelease of Tony Crown’s “In the Now” Music Video

Tony Crown kicked off 2018 by releasing a new music video for his single

“In the Now”, offering a surreal portrait of the rising singer-songwriter’s

ambient indie rock. Featured on his debut LP Distant From the Universe,

the track showcases Crown’s ability to lighten rock’s weight so to speak,

but fully maintain its resonance. (Watch Here)

January 10thTony Crown Launches Monthly Cover Series

Tony Crown put his talent for adding insightful dimensions to cover songs

on display by releasing a new cover each month through 2018. Tracks he

released as part of the series included: Five Years (David Bowie), Sunday

Morning (The Velvet Underground), Hurdy Gurdy Man (Donovan), The

Seeker (The Who), Lay Lady Lay (Bob Dylan), Up From the Skies (Jimi

Hendrix), House of Cards (Radiohead), and The Night We Called it a Day

(Frank Sinatra).



January 26thIrene Theo Releases Self-Titled Debut EP

SynchAudio was proud to support the release of Irene Theo’s much-

anticipated debut EP. Showcasing 6 tracks of soul, the release

marked a welcome introduction to Theo’s enticing blend of R&B/pop.

The EP was produced by fellow SynchAudio favourite Dusty Chesterfield,

and has already received television placements in The Fosters,

Sideswiped, and The Royals, as well as a radio placement on CBC’s Big

City, Small World. The album also landed Theo in the top 15 of iTunes’

“Top 200 Releases” on the Canadian R&B/Soul chart. (Listen Here)

January 30thSynchAudio Negotiates Partnership with Midem for 2018

SynchAudio CEO Noush Mostaghimi was thrilled to renew her company’s

partnership with Midem early on in 2018. Midem is one of the music industry’s

premier conferences, trade shows, and festivals, taking place annually in Cannes,

France. SynchAudio would announce its plans to return to as a sponsor for Sync

Day taking place on June 6th, 2018. (Read More)

March 13thPoema’s “Go Away” Featured in The Fosters’ 100th Episode

While Freeform’s The Fosters celebrated its 100th episode over the past year,

SynchAudio was excited to have indie-pop duo Poema help mark the occasion.

Their shimming R&B throwback “Go Away” received a placement in the popular

network drama’s milestone episode. (Read More)

April 5thSynchAudio’s Interview with Jesper Gadeberg published in Midem.Blog

In advance of Midem 2018’s festivities, SynchAudio saw its interview with acclaimed

music stylist Jesper Gadeberg published in Midem’s official blog. The interview offered

intriguing insights into Gadeberg’s experiences as a must-hire music supervisor for large-

scale ad-campaigns. (Read More)

June 5th- 8th Midem 2018 – Cannes, France

Always one of the year’s highlights, Midem was in full form for its 2018 edition. Taking

place at the lavish Palais des Festivals, the celebrated music conference, trade show,

and festival once again proved to be at the forefront of creation in the music industry.

SynchAudio was excited to return as a sponsor for Sync Day June 6th, which saw an

impressive cast of sync professionals talk the latest developments in sync. (Read More)

August 6thBarbados Ministry of Tourism features Debbie Reifer

In an exciting development for SynchAudio’s roster, the Barbados Ministry of Tourism

based an entire promotional campaign around Debbie Reifer’s track “We Are Love.”

We are Love Barbados saw Reifer’s bright blend of adult-contemporary, reggae, and

pop, stand front and centre. The placement marked a promising step forwards for

the talented singer-songwriter out of Bridgetown. (Watch Here)

August 18thSynchAudio Officially Registers as a Publisher in North America

Mostaghimi also cemented SynchAudio’s legitimacy as a publisher in 2018. She

officially registered as a publishing entity in Canada (SynchAudio Creatives), as

well as the United States (SynchAudio Music Publishing).

October 12thSynchAudio Receives Official Trademark in North America

2018 saw Mostaghimi officially receive the trademark rights to the SynchAudio

company name, further legitimizing the company’s presence in both the United

States and Canada.

October 12thTony Crown Releases “The Night We Called it a Day” Music Video

Shot in New York City, Tony Crown’s latest video brings the story of heartbreak

in Frank Sinatra’s “The Night We Called it a Day” to life. Crown’s cool-headed spin

on Sinatra’s classic is one of many standouts in his series of covers released

throughout 2018. (Watch Here)

November 14thSynchAudio Featured on Official Ray Donovan Playlists

SynchAudio’s roster made several appearances on notable playlists throughout 2018.

This included Tony Crown, Middlemist Red, Poema, and Debbie Reifer being featured

on Showtime’s official “The Music of Showtime Series Ray Donovan” playlist alongside

artists such as David Bowie, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Eagles. Crown, Middlemist

Red, Poema, as well as Mimi O’Bonsawin were also featured on Picture Music Company’s

Ray Donovan • Official Soundtrack from the Showtime Series” playlist, curated by Oscar-

nominated music supervisor Nora Felder (Stranger Things, Ray Donovan).

November 28thTony Crown Featured in Stencil Magazine

A popular music publication based out of the UK, Stencil Magazine recently published a

feature on Tony Crown. This signifies an important step forwards for Crown as he

continues to expand his following outside of North America. (Read Here on Page 137)

December 7thTony Crown Releases “Killing Machine” Music Video

Set by shadowy ragtime piano and a steady percussive march, “Killing Machine” shows

off Tony Crown’s intensified side. As a follow up to the song’s latest placement in Supergirl,

Crown recently released a music video for the track. This marked Crown’s third music video

of 2018. (Watch Here)

December 7thSynchAudio Designs Baron Blackout's Theme in Henchmen

SynchAudio was thrilled to create the theme for Baron Blackout, a super villain voiced by

Alfred Molina in the animated blockbuster Henchmen. The film features music supervision

by award-winning music supervisor Mary Ramos (Kill Bill, Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight),

as well as a star-studded cast. Among others, the cast includes: Nathan Fillion, Rosario Dawson,

James Marsden, Jane Krakowski, Thomas Middleditch, Craig Robinson, and Rob Riggle.

December 7thTony Crown Announces Upcoming Release of Burning the Roses

Marking the close to an eventful year, Tony Crown recently announced the release of his new

EP Burning the Roses for January 25th, 2019. The EP’s title track is slated to release as a single

for January 11th.

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