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SynchAudio is a Toronto based creative synchronization company that provides   

one-stop representation for the use of music and media in all screen based

storytelling platforms. 

We are a creative team of passionate, lovers of music who are dedicated to the

independent composers, songwriters and recording artists we represent. At

SynchAudio we know the creative-end, production-end, front-end, back-end and

legal-end of music and media and we share that knowledge with our rich roster of

extraordinary creators.

We strive to bring those who use music for their visual storytelling projects, into our

tent as stakeholders in what we do. Inside the SynchAudio tent we all sit around

the fire of creativity: composers, artists, music supervisors, editors and creative

business. We learn, we teach, we share.



SynchAudio provides music supervisors with a growing library of pre-cleared, high

quality, world-class music. It delivers its services from its highly intuitive web

based, interactive platform. Our curated library platform has been built to help

producers, music supervisors and editors quickly find the genre, mood, beats,

sound design and tastes, they are seeking. 



At SynchAudio we pride ourselves on our focus on empowering music artists by

providing them with the business knowledge and direction to help them move to

the next career level. We connect them to the influential taste makers in the music

industry. Early on we realized that many highly creative and talented songwriters,

recording artists, composers and bands were trying to make their way with limited

professional direction or without any promotional team support. Many were

applying an artist-centered management approach to their work but often without

the resources to create a structure. We decided that our role would not only be to

simply select our clients based on our love of their great music, but to also

consider their potential for global attention. We added an artist development

component where we provide à la carte talent direction, career strategy and

promotion on an individual basis.



Since being founded in early 2014 by CEO Farinoush Mostaghimi, SynchAudio has

become internationally recognized as an innovative music sync agency, with its

creative heart firmly connected to its roster of artists. In just twenty-four months,

SynchAudio has taken its vision on the road to some of the world’s largest music

forums, trade shows and conferences and has struck strategic alliances with

global music and media makers. 

First out-of-the-gate in 2015 SynchAudio participated in the Caribbean Music Summit

2015 conference in Barbados which was followed-up with a strong presence

at Canadian Music Week in Toronto where SynchAudio sponsored the highly

successful CMW 2015 SynchAudio SynchSummit. SynchAudio then joined the Export

Canada - Canadian Blast at MIDEM 2015 industry contingent in Cannes, France. That

year the MIDEM NEWS named Ms. Mostaghimi and SynchAudio as a “Top

Participant” and spotlighted her as one of the most important influencers (“Top

Influencer”) at MIDEM 2015. Following up on its success in Cannes, SynchAudio

moved into the fall with its sponsorship participation in the Reeperbahn

Festival 2015 held in Hamburg, Germany and later in The London Synch

Sessions hosted at the prestigious Metropolis Studios in London, England.


SynchAudio was at full throttle for the start of 2016 with the highly

successful Caribbean Music:  Synch or Swim Workshop which it presented in Barbados in

association with the Government of Barbados, Ministry of Culture, Sports & Youth.

Following the event the Minister of Culture, Sports & Youth presented Ms.

Mostaghimi with an award to honour her vision in the founding of this important

educational workshop. 


SynchAudio will be announcing new initiatives as it marches confidently into 2016.


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