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POWER is an appropriate title for a track that all but entrances you into Sunrise and Good People’s eclectic style of

hypnotic funk. In three minutes the track will fully takes hold of it’s listener, and guides you through an edgy adventure full of mystery,

seduction, and suspense.

If James Bond was a 14-hour drug induced dance party instead of a fictional spy series, “Power” on repeat might be the soundtrack.

The track draws the listener into a complex musical atmosphere, as its addictive grooving guitar riff seamlessly

converses with the alternating French and English vocals of the Montreal trio. Although the vocals largely blend into the

background, cries of “why me” powerfully cut through the noise of the layered guitar tracks. A simple dance beat and

bass line leave room for the complexity of the vocals and guitar nicely.

As the musical adventure continues, the guitar driven bridge builds up to the song’s climax. The listener is eased back

into the looping hypnosis of the verse, before the track gradually strips down its layers into the outro. You are then

released from the will of Sunrise and Good People’s “Power”a track that really is as much an experience as it is music.




For more about the band: www.sunriseandgoodpeople.com/music


Reviewed by: Sandy James

SynchAudio inc - January 4, 2017