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Created by Jessica Jade Andres and Monika TillingDaddy Issues is an offbeat comedy web series following two close friends living in Los Angeles.

Blake (Andres) and Ellie (Tilling) have a history with toxic romances, and could use a change of pace. The pilot follows Ellie’s latest breakup, Blake’s

relationship reluctance, and introduces a steadfast friendship that makes it all just a little easier to stomach.  SynchAudio is pleased to see its roster’s

music well placed throughout the pilot’s soundtrack, with Alice Osian’s “Nervous” accompanying the episode’s opening titles, and Skeemers’ “On My

Own” backing the closing credits.   


Alice Osian’s “Nervous” is a crisp, cool, and free flowing flavour of electro-pop. Chiming synth textures, tropical acoustic flourishes, and angelic vocal

sweeps make for an ambience that’s bright and blissful, but Osian’s sunny vibes are dimmed by a story about relationship angst: “ I can hear it in your

sigh/ There’s something you’re trying to hide.”  The contrast of Osian’s woeful narrative against the track’s dreamy musical backdrop makes it feel like

a much-needed escape from a reality that’s difficult to come to terms with. Though Osian’s story is clouded by uncertainty, the track itself acts as an

unwavering calm before an anticipated storm.



“On My Own” is an upbeat attitude-driven surf number. Beaming backups and glistening guitar leads give the track California beach vibes, but the 5-piece

out of Budapest has a low-fi drive that sounds like it could have emerged out of Seattle’s 90’s grunge scene. The track seems simultaneously restless and

liberating, telling a tale that sees freedom in solitude, even if it means tackling your issues independently: “I’ll figure this out on my own/ Cause I’m being old

and I’m grown.” Lead singer Szoni Ferenczi’s sound is raw, borderline sleep deprived, but combined with the track’s vigor it offers the sense that she can’t be

put to rest. Instead, it feels like the struggles in the narrative of “On My Own” are gradually being shaken off like they’re just a bad hangover.




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